Remember back around Christmas time when the Long Reach High School’s Senior basketball player, Charles Thompson Jr. gave his friend, Shanquis, a wrestling championship belt and the video went viral? Members from the Washington Wizards saw this video and invited them out to come see a game.

The Inventation

Last week, Thompson received a letter from the Wizards asking if he, Shanquis, and family would like to attend a home game. They of course accepted and went to the Wizards vs Nets game on Saturday night.

The group was brought into the team locker room and when they got there, the Wizards were waiting for them and yelled, “This is the real champ right here!” Shanquis brought his mock microphone with him and yelled back, “The champ is here!”

Shanquis and Thompson had the opportunity to meet with Washington’s star Point Guard, John Wall, during warmups. They they had the chance to hang out with starting Center, Marcin Gortat in the locker room. They met other players on the team as well like Markieff Morris, Kelly Oubre Jr, Jason Smith, and more.

Before the game started, Shanquis and Thompson were allowed into the Wizards’ practice gym. They were able to shoot around on the hoops that their heroes shot on. This was a huge moment for the two as their friendship stemmed from gym class itself. “Just imagine you and your best friend shooting hoops,” said Thompson. “except you’re in Capital One Arena.”

After their little shoot around, the two sat in their seats to watch the game. The Wizards and Nets went all out, eventually sending the game to overtime. The Wizards prevailed and ended up winning 119 to 113.

For more on Thompson and Shanquis, check out Thompson’s Twitter account.