After Winter Storm Inga hit on Wednesday, Howard County Public Schools are now up to two snow days used. This may cause some issues in the long run due to new regulations and requirements set by the government.

What it Means for Students

In the past,┬ámake up days have been added into the calendar year or the year would be extended to account for the missed days. However, due to Maryland’s Governor, Larry Hogan‘s mandates that all schools start after Labor Day and finish by June 15, it made the old method more difficult to pull off.

School officials said they were going to wait until later in the winter to make a decision on how to approach the two days they have already missed and any more to come. The current calendar has the last day of the 2017-2018 school year as June 14th, leaving one day for a make up.

The other options for make up days are May 18th or any three of the scheduled spring break dates, April 4, 5 and 6th. The schools have said that they would like to avoid using spring break dates as many parents have already planned vacations. Opening on these days would most likely result in a high number of absences.

If the county goes over five days of school cancelled due to inclement weather, they school system may apply for a state waiver of the 180 minimum days of class.